Massage types

Swedish massage

30 minutes - 20 GBP

Full body massage

60 minutes - 40 GBP

Aloha head massage

60 minutes - 40 GBP

Face massage

30 minutes - 20 GBP

Foot massage

25 minutes - 15 GBP

Full lymph massage

60 minutes - 45 GBP

Include free cellulite massage for women! 

About us

My name is Judit Molnár, from Debrecen, Hungary. I work as a masseur and a touch therapist.


I made it on a social work academic specialisation on Debreceni Egyetem. I made office work in Hungary. I realised that my body needs the care in the course of the years if I want it, that on a long distance healthy let me be allowed to be left over. I opted for the lifestyle change because of this.

Towards the massage, I turned towards the lymph massage actually. The lymph massage that massage type that most it helped with the keeping of my health, concerned from the single illnesses truth in a fast recovery.

My other experience, that the people need the affectionate touch it, that let them be able to recharge in the everyday life. I found it out it Aloha onto a head massage that can relax the tired facial muscles perfectly, smooths the wrinkles out.

I have an experience naturally in relaxing the muscles it by way of a Swedish massage technique.

My object in life, that let me be allowed to help others the health in conservation, the fast recovery, the achievement of the good general condition and in his keeping and the pleasant recreation.


If you feel that you have hygienic problems you are desire call in valiantly, or send a message, an e-mail!

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Availability from Monday - Friday, 12:00-21:00 


Mobilephone number: +44 7473 818125


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